Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Cat At Party - Maze and Coloring Page

We all been there. A party at a friends house that sports a cat walking around the room and eventually the most popular individual at the party.  Here is a coloring page for adults and maze that pays homage to this universally understood occurrence.

Maze's solution found at

Coloring for Adults Maze of Cat At Party

cat at party
Coloring for Adults MAZE of a cat at a party.

MAZE of Party Cat

Maze of a cat at a party
The Awesome Party Cat Maze

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Making Pun of Cats

When it comes to pun, your are either a huge fan or not.
These cats are funny to the latter kind.

cat want to be leaf alone
Cat attacking a falling leaf with a horrible pun about "leaf me alone"

cat is scratching bark off a tree, not actually barking
And when I say BARKING, I am referring to tearing the bark off a tree.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Lazy Monday Cats

Many Many Monday Cats

Funny Cats and Lazy Cats are very common. The two go hand-in-hand

And Monday, well, lazy cats and Mondays go together even more so.

Enjoy these unbelievably lazy cats and their take on the impending Monday

Cool Story Cat
Cat totally buys your story, but as an officer of the law, he got to write you up and give ticket.

monday kittens
Monday weary kittens predicting the impending doom of Monday coming this way, NOOOOO!

lazy cat Monday nap
Monday Cat taking a nap and complaining that it is already Monday

cat is totally WHOA about this
Whoa! Cat is awake and it might already be Monday

We hope you have enjoyed these funny cats. Come back soon for even more

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Funny Cats Funny Gestures

Some very funny cats making some very funny gestures.

cat boops you
Cat making a BOOP gesture toward his human owner

cat disproves
Cat doesn't even approve of this post,
so don't take it personally

cat with invisible meme
Invisible cat meme of cat helping move an invisible couch with an invisible friend.

cat is very easily distracted
Very Easily Distracted Cat gets distracted by his own cat macro/meme

cat oath
Cat taking an feline oath

Monday, 4 July 2016

We Are Cats, Here Us MEOW!

Some pretty funny, yet pretty lame cat memes

selfie cats
Cats taking a selfie and just like you he forgot to laugh.

cat surrenders, or is he just sleeping
Cat appears to have accepted our terms of surrender, or he might just be napping

cat purchasing tuna
Hello, I am a cat and I would like to purr purr purr purchase some tuna please :)

sing us a song your are the piano cat
Cat is going to sing us now a very long song and horribly. Please have a seat, it'll be over soon.

cat in the fridge
Not only is the cat inside your fridge, he is in the absolute WURST place. Hhehe

Cat on the prowl
Cat beautifully illustrates how it is getting a girl's phone number

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Banana Cats

Funny Cats with Bananas

Exactly as that sounds - some funny cats, doing things that may be considered funny, with bananas

cat with banana in a monkey suit
Lets hope that cat doesn't have to make this kind of money too often.

cat is the new yin yang
Cat is the new Yin Yang and that is how it should be

banana haired cat situation
He all like, yeah, my cat wears dreads with bananas sometimes. Ain't nothing

Found these funny cats with bananas here

Wednesday, 1 June 2016